Pavement Cleaning & Chewing Gum Removal Belfast

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Pavement Cleaning & Chewing Gum Removal

Keeping public areas really clean and chewing gum free is absolutley essential for people to get a good first impression. This makes a much more welcoming environment for all of your visitors and guests.

WB Cleaning are proud to have been providing pavement cleaning and chewing gum removal here in Belfast for nearly a decade in areas such as supermarkets, bus and train stations, town centres, retail parks and anywhere else there’s unsightly amounts of chewing gum.

Nothing But The Best Results Will Ever Do

Using specialist equipment our team will work  tirelessly to have the area we are cleaning back to it’s original condition as quickly as possible to keep disruption to the public to an absolute minimum. We can also work out of hours and at weekends when requested. Please call us on the number below and we will be only too happy to arrange a site visit for your completely free no obligation quote.


Enviromentally Friendly Service With No Chemicals Used

A Really Deep Clean That Gets Rid Of All The Dirt, Grime And Gum

Out Of Hours Service Available To Minimise Public Disruption

Our State Of The Art Cleaning System Causes No Surface Damage Whatsoever

Here’s The Difference Our Chewing Gum Removal Belfast Service Will Make

Let’s Get That Gum Gone For Good

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